Universal Singapore with a Two Year Old

We were staying on Sentosa Island for 4 nights so wanted the option to hop in and out of Universal, as, with a two year old, packing the park into one day just wasn’t an option!! A one day ticket is approx $76, so depending on how many days you want to do at the park, your best bet would be the Universal Studios Singapore Season Pass which costs just over $20 more at $98. Theres no catch, the only thing you have to do is make sure you convert your ticket to a season pass on your first day of admission – and be prepared to be patient, there are a lot of people doing this (obviously for that price!!!) so the queue at guest services is ridiculous… Under 4’s are free so it cost us just under $200 dollars for all four days.

We tended to get there for opening, spend a couple of hours, nip back to the hotel for lunch/naps then head back again for the afternoon once queues had gone down. plus the heat and humidity is intense in the middle of the day!!!

The park has 5 different sections, all within easy walking distance.Our 2 y/o loved the Sesame Street and shrek parts of the park and loved the rides and meeting the characters. he was able to go on a lot of the rides, probably more so than us!! There was a limited amount of stuff to do for adults  (3/4 good rides) but overall we really enjoyed it and it was the perfect first Universal experience for our two year old!

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