Babyzen YoYo – hand luggage size stroller/pram

*UPDATE* so it’s been about three years since I first posted this and I can still, hand on heart, say that this is THE best purchase we ever made out of all our baby purchases! The pram is still going strong and we have never had a problem taking it on as hand luggage on any airline we’ve ever been on (and we’ve used a lot!!) it’s even survived two long weeks at Disney as Lucas’s primary mode of transport!! You can even buy a new ‘colour pack’ if you ever want to freshen it up too!!

One of the best things we have bought since having Lucas is the Babyzen YoYo


Any parent who travels with a baby will know how difficult it can be juggling hand luggage, a baby, and transferring a pram on and off a plane. Sometimes the pram will stay at the plane door and be there as you exit, great! Most of the time we have found either a big wait at the end OR a pram that comes off with the luggage, getting all battered and bruised along the way. I have even heard of some airlines making you check in the pram at the check in desk! A pram is a must for us she travelling as we usually have at least a three hour transfer in between where we need somewhere to seat Lucas! We just cannot risk having to check our pram in and not being able to get it at the transfer airport.

Riyadh airport is one that doesn’t have the capability for you to get your pram at the plane door, which can make it difficult when waiting in line at passport control for hours on end. As mentioned above, it also ends up getting battered and bruised as it swirls around on the baggage belt with suitcases landing on top and people shoving it out of the way in order to get their luggage!

After hours of research on the internet (it really isn’t easy to find a hand luggage sized pram just by using Google) it was someone who lived on our compound who recommended the Babyzen to us. It is NOT cheap. We originally bought a Quicksmart backpack stroller but as you can see by the photo it isn’t quite as sturdy as the Babyzen and as we were going to use the pram not only for travel, but as our pram whilst on holiday, we didn’t really feel like it was right. It also didnt recline, which is no good for a sleepy baby on the airport!


So, we paid the extortionate amount for the Babyzen YoYo (it was the same price as our Graco Travel System!!!) but boy has it been worth it!!! It is sturdy, lightweight, comfortable, easy to push around and most importantly of all, conforms to hand luggage size so fits in the overhead locker!! It comes with its own little drawstring bag to put it in when you take it on the plane! I know friends have ours have struggled with Saudia and if they see it is a pram they won’t let you take it on the plane, regardless of if its hand luggage size or not. We always make sure we pop it in the bag 5 mins before our flights, just in case!! One small negative, it definately isn’t as easy to pop up and down as the video shows!! I’ve not figured out how to do it one handed yet, we’ll see if practice makes perfect!!!

So if you are a family who likes to travel I can’t recommend the Babyzen YoYo enough!!


3 thoughts on “Babyzen YoYo – hand luggage size stroller/pram

  1. Hi.I’m looking into getting this stroller. Did you purchase it here in Saudi ? If so what kind of stores carry it and how much SAR should I expect to pay ?

    – Thanks in advance!


  2. Hi.Looking into purchasing this. Did you purchase it here in Saudi ? Where is it sold and how much should I expect to pay?
    – Thanks in advance!


    1. I’m so sorry I have taken so long to reply!!! I haven’t had the time to manage the blog in a few months! I bought online and brought it back from the UK BUT they do sell the yoyo here in mothercare and its roughly the same price, you can look to pay around 2500sr for it xx


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