Travelling with Air France and a toddler or baby

Unlike many of my friends I have never flown on my own with Lucas, it’s just always worked out that Dave was with us, much to my relief!!! However, this Easter Dave had some business travel and a long weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix planned, nursery was closed and most of Lucas’s little buddies were also on holiday so I finally plucked up the courage to travel back home to the UK with Lucas, it was an overnight flight so what’s the worst that can happen, right?!!

Air France was my choice of carrier, it was reasonably priced, good flight times and not too long a transfer on Charles de Gaul airport, truth be told, a little longer would have been nice!!


Lucas bedtime, went down easy, straight to sleep, alarm set to wake him at 1030, time to get a little sleep myself before we go.


No sleep for me, too much going on in my head but Lucas slept fine, my lift to the airport arrived, bags all packed, documents checked, double checked and triple checked, we are on our way!!!


Flight in 2 hours, arrival at the airport quick and easy, no one at the check in queue, staff inform me the flight is pretty much empty so would I like a row to myself, YES PLEASE! Security and passport control all easy peasy, aside from juggling all my crap through screening!!!


Boarding in 1 hour, Lucas happy exploring  the airport, he particularly loves watching the ‘big water’ (water fountains) in the arrivals hall and just generally mooching around the terminal, I’m happy to follow him around and keep him happy, tiring him out as I go.

At this point I will mention the only baggage I have on me is my babyzen yoyo stroller, ergobaby carrier, my brand new amazing bag of choice, the Roxy ‘bunny’ backpack (more on this in a later post…) and my Stella and dot Waverly Petit bag (also more on this in a later post).


No sign of boarding yet, though I’ve already packed up the yoyo in preparation and have Lucas in the carrier….


Lucas out of carrier, tho pram still packed away, he seems to be happy sat on floor with his iPad and some snacks. Hoping I don’t run out of snacks and that the novelty of the iPad doesn’t wear off!


Still no sign of boarding, getting slightly worried now as there’s only a 90 minute window between landing and my next flight in Paris! Including taxi-ing etc!


On the plane! Phew! Near the back, barely anyone here whole row of 4 to ourselves! Lucas seems happy in his own seat, Captain has apologised for delay and apprently we will make up the time and land on schedule! Currently winning!!!


45 minutes in, food served, eaten and Lucas just dropped off to sleep, this isn’t as bad as I thought! I’ve managed to lift all the arm rests and make a little bed out of the pillows and blankets, I’ve made a little shade out of another blanket and attached it to the headrest behind and the headrest in front!

5am local time

Lucas just woken up with 1 hour until landing, amazing, slept pretty much the whole flight, he has NEVER done that before!!! #stillwinning


Landed and taxi-ing next flight at 730am, we can do this!


Been informed ground staff still on strike. Grrrrr, this was supposed to be finished last night!! We now have to wait for our slot.


At our gate but now there are no ground staff to get the ladders to our plane!!! My next flight leaves in an hour. I have no chance #notwinning


On a bus after almost 30 mins waiting for the ladders!!!!!! No sign of baggage handlers as we left the plane so in the slimmest of chances I make the next plane, I don’t the think the bags will. Lucas currently happy looking at the big airplanes.


In the terminal, the same terminal the next flight leaves from which is a bonus, flight leaves in 30 mins which isn’t such a bonus. I’m currently running through all the first class priority queues, no one seems to be questioning it, must be something about a sweaty red faced single woman with a toddler, backpack and stroller attached that puts people off asking….!


Security queue, short, no one here, no need for passport check thank goodness and the very kind French lady has informed me to calm down as I will make my flight!! YEY!


In the queue to board, sweaty, knackered and about to chase my two year old who has just bolted….


On the flight, sigh of relief, Lucas happy playing with his stickers in his seat and waiting for take off, after the last 8 hours, the 1 hour flight to Manchester is nothing!

9am local time

Landed in Manchester, flight easy, Lucas loved his croissant and I’m no longer sweating. As predicted bags haven’t arrived, not really bothered at this point. Small queue to inform staff, a quick and easy form to fill in, bags should be on next flight to Manchester and with me this afternoon by courier! Not bad service at all, saves me lugging them about with Lucas!!

So, how was it??

Flying on my own with Lucas was absolutely fine, he slept for most of it and when he was awake he had his snacks and activity packs to keep him busy. Air France service was great, ground staff strike aside. Transfer quick and easy, though sweaty and we both arrives happy and and one piece in Manchester, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.

Still not so sure I would brave a day flight on my own though…

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