Singapore Zoo/Night Safari/River Safari

Singapore Zoo

One of the best zoo’s we have ever visited. It cost about about a $20 über ride from Orchard Road and took 40 minutes to get there as it is out of the city centre. Its literally a zoo in the middle of the rainforest and feels totally natural and not manmade in the slightest, it was spacious with lots of animals to see.

Price wise we bought a 4 park admission ticket (night safari, zoo and river safari) for about $69. Great value for multi visits and definitely recommended if you have kids!

It did get tiring walking around, make sure you take a pram for little ones and the zoo is quite large to walk around. It was also very very humid so take plenty of drinks and wear light, loose clothing! there are options to rent strollers/wagons when you get there if you want. there is also a tram that goes around the zoo that you can hop on hop off.

Food wise there was plenty of options from traditional Singaporean food to the standard hot dogs/burger chips options – there was even a KFC!!  The food areas did get very very busy at peak times.

Check the weather forecast however as we were drenched in one of Singapore’s massive rain showers, which didn’t let up for quite some time!


Night Safari

The night safari was particularly special, if you go to Singapore, even if you don’t do the zoo you MUST do the night safari!!! The first tour is around 7:15pm so it was a late night for Lucas as thats usually his bedtime!! We made sure he had a super long nap that day. You have to book your time slot in advance so its best to do it as soon as you get there as the earlier ones do get booked up. It was very humid and very busy leading up to gate opening so do prepare for that, but once through the initial crowds we were on the the tour vehicle and on our way! The tour itself lasted about 40 minutes. One word of advice, don’t take your camera, flashes aren’t allowed to go off, they are very strict on this as it scares the animals and it spoils the tour for other people. Without the flash the lighting is so bad you won’t get any pictures anyway. You have the option to hop on and hop off the tour and then do some walking trails. As we had Lucas with us we didn’t do the walking trails as it was a bit dark for him, we also didn’t do any of the shows but these also come highly recommended. We had a fabulous time just enjoying the 40 minute safari tram tour and even if that is the only thing you manage to do with super little ones, its more than worth it!!!

River Safari

Ill be honest about this one, it really wasn’t our cup of tea. We aren’t really big into our river animals, but if you like fish and water based mammals then go for it! It didn’t help there was a thunderstorm whilst we were there so for safety reason they closed most of the boat attractions in the amazonia section, we also just missed out on seeing the giant pandas as they closed early for a halloween event, but most of this was just bad luck!

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