“Time is none refundable, use it with intention” – Unknown

So – in my quest to be more organised and efficient I write this post from the comfort of an exercise bike at the gym!!! Either I’m winning at life right now or I should probably be working harder on the bike – I feel it might be the latter…! 😳

I’ve also recently discovered how amazing podcasts are!!! Wow!! So, rather than choosing the radio on the way to work every day I now choose a podcast every morning, chances are, I can listen to a full episode of something on my commute to and from work, it’s amazing! Be it celebrity, education or keeping an ear on the goings on in the Middle East (I still have a very keen interest in what is happening over there, particularly with regards to politics). I feel more educated, and also feel I’m making the most of what was previously an hour of my life every day achieving nothing!!!

Personal favourites I have found so far are Two Mr P’s in a Podcast which is absolutely hilarious, regardless of if you work in education or not – these two brothers are from Manchester and both work in education, their podcast is an amazingly funny mix of stories from their respective schools, but also from their childhood at school – you’ll get some fabulous little ‘blasts from the past’ listening to it and I guarantee you will laugh out loud!!

Second favourite at the moment is Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place Podcast. Fearne has some incredibly in-depth, personal discussions with some exceptional people, it really gives you some food for thought!!

I’m also utilising my lunch breaks at work better and writing up some of my SBPA coursework, rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media…!

My gym class is about to start, and I’ve just burned a cheeky couple of hundred calories whilst waiting for class and writing this blog!!!

I think it’s nice to remind ourselves every now and again about how precious time is and just reassess about how we spend it and what we spend it on!!

Happy weekend everyone!!!

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