You know you work in a school when….

Your New Years resolutions start in September!!!!

1. This year I’m determined not to be the ‘yes man’, all too often I spend my day solving everyone else’s problems because I feel bad signposting colleagues elsewhere. Particularly teachers who only have a 20 min break/45min lunch, if they have a questions or problem I like to get it sorted there and then so they can get on with their jobs rather than telling them to go find someone else during the short break that they have! Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the variance in my job and the fact that every day is different, but one distraction leads to another and before you know it it’s half past 5, your other half has had to pick the little one up from the childminder and dinner plans have gone out of the window!!

2. I’m not going to sweat the small stuff, the things I can’t control or change!

3. I am going to stop checking work emails at home, I’m not quite at the point where I can delete the app from my iPad but I’m certainly going to silence it and not check it, there’s nothing that can’t wait until the morning after….!

4. Gym mornings – I got into a really good routine of blasting out a quick workout in the morning before work, it made me feel amazing, gave me bags of energy (surprisingly) and was keeping me fit…..then the last month of term happened and everything just flew by in a blur. It’s surprising how quickly you can get out of the gym habit and into naughty snacking habits at work!!!! Before the dark mornings draw in I’m going to get back into my morning workouts so I’m in a good routine when those cold and dark mornings do draw in!!

I think that’s it for now 😬 just a few things to keep me going!!!

What are your New (school) Years resolutions??!!

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