What got me here?

I’ve been working since I was 16, starting off at a supermarket whilst I was studying at college and university. I have a BSc in Neuropsychology as my original plan was to be a clinical psychologist, however, being young and impatient I didn’t have the time (or finances!!!) to study for my masters and PhD in order to become qualified.

I finished university with a 2:1 and got a job working in HR at Lancashire County Council (LCC), from here I managed to get on the graduate management scheme which enabled me to study for an MA in developing professional practice in management at Lancaster University.

Once qualified I stayed with LCC and worked on a HR and Payroll transformation project working as the Project Coordinator between LCC, BT and Deloitte. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge from the project and harboured ideas of a career in project management, that was until my husband got a job working out in Saudi Arabia with BAe Systems.

I travelled out to Saudi with my husband and managed to secure myself a job before I got out there working as the PA to Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at the British Embassy in Riyadh. It was an amazing experience working at the embassy, particularly out in the Middle East, it was fascinating and the knowledge I gained and the kinds of people I was able to meet will stay with me forever. I left the embassy after two years to have my little boy (who is now 4 years old and about to start school) and before I knew it 5 years had passed out there and it was time to make the move back home!

Once back in the UK I knew I wanted to get back into work, I had three amazing years off with my little boy in Saudi but I definitely missed working and making a career for myself! In the first instance I wanted a job in a school so I would be able to have the school holidays off with my little boy and so that I could ease myself back into the world of work gently, I was also toying with idea of going into teaching so a job in a school would also give me a little experience and insight into the profession. A job was advertised for a Headteacher’s PA at a local high school and sixth form and I was lucky enough to be offered it after interview!

I’ve been working as the PA for 18 months now and as much as I still think about a career in teaching I know that my previous experience and qualifications lend themselves more to the business side of education, hence my leap into the world of school business management! I am lucky enough to work in a school where CPD is a priority, so after a discussion with my headteacher and my line manager (the school business manager) I got the approval to apply for the school business professional apprenticeship and I start in September!

As the Headteacher’s PA I’ve been an honorary part of the SLT since I joined the school so I’ve got a fairly good insight into how the school works from both the teaching and learning side as well as the leadership and management side which (from what my background reading suggests) is one hurdle I have managed to jump already!

I’m hoping my passion for education and business should hold me in good stead and I’m looking forward to a new challenge and learning again!

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